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There are four ways to navigate through the Acumen website.

Here is a guide to help you select which technique is best for you to find the content you are looking for.

1. Click through

You can click through the article topics from one of the main category columns (Practice, Project, Resource) located on the home page. Browsing and clicking through in a sequential order as you move deeper into the category.

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You can perform an article title or keyword search by typing your topic into the search bar on the home page or by clicking search in the top menu when on any other page.

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This panel also functions as the 'Alerts' area when you are on the home page from which you can click and browse Acumen alert updates.

Please note that search functionality will improve in the coming weeks as extra features are added and the existing content is tuned to suit.


The alerts column located on the left side of the home page is an updating noticeboard drawing your attention to important changes and additions to Acumen content.

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