Green Star — a user’s perspective

Over the last half-year or so we, (Sustainable Built Environments Pty Ltd), have carried out the 'Green Star Professional Role' on two projects, and undertaken preliminary assessments for over a dozen different buildings.  From this work we have learnt many lessons in the pros and cons of its use. We have found that many clients want to have an environmental badge on their 'Green Building'.  We have learnt that it is not so easy to meet the client's aspirations – either because of inadequate resourcing of the required research and/or by failing in the timely delivery of required information.  However, we have also seen that the integrated approach of the Green Star Scheme has a very good effect on the whole project team and allows for better than expected results. We trust the following will help the reader along the Green Star learning curve.

note summary
  1. Introduction
  2. Green Star review
  3. The outlook for Green Star
  4. Carrying out a Green Star rating
  5. Conclusion