Green Building

This note was reviewed in December 2018 and retained for legacy.

This note, originally published in June 1999, was reviewed by David Hood in January 2005. The information herein is considered still relevant although there is much contemporary activity underway on the subject, and the reader is urged to refer to the websites noted in the 'Synergies and References' section on the Summary page.

Many of the factors that lead to unnecessary energy and water use, that detrimentally affect health and comfort, and that result in large quantities of waste result directly from the design of buildings and their associated equipment. By improving the design of commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings, engineers can help building owners, tenants and other building users to reduce their resource use while maintaining a better indoor environment.

Engineers play a major role in the design of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. In cases where an architect is involved in building design, there is a need for engineers to work more closely with the building's architect than is now commonly done.

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