Bushfire or pro bono work — special conditions CAA 2009

<p><strong><span>The CAA2009 has now been withdrawn from sale. T</span>he&nbsp;<a href="/link/58fdeae472e34a1d82fddb1b48e180d9.aspx">CAA2019</a> is a major revision and we strongly recommend its use to better protect your interests, avoid misunderstandings or disputes and have a contract that is compliant with the Codes of Conduct in each state and territory.</strong></p> <p><strong><strong>The digital version</strong>&nbsp;<strong>of the CAA2019&nbsp;</strong>is now available to all Institute members, with access to Acumen, as a membership benefit. Hardcopy versions are also available at <a href="http://architecturecontracts.com.au/">http://architecturecontracts.com.au</a>&nbsp;<strong><br /></strong></strong></p>

Special conditions applicable to pro bono or discounted bushfire relief commissions for the Client and Architect Agreement 2009.