Client and Architect Agreement 2009 guide letters

The CAA2009 has now been withdrawn from sale. The CAA2019 is a major revision and we strongly recommend its use to better protect your interests, avoid misunderstandings or disputes and have a contract that is compliant with the Codes of Conduct in each state and territory.

The digital version of the CAA2019 is now available to all Institute members, with access to Acumen, as a membership benefit. Hardcopy versions are also available at 

Five optional guide letters have been developed to assist architects in using the Client and Architect Agreement 2009 (CAA2009).

The introductory guide letter is intended for use by the architect immediately after the initial meeting with the prospective client. It is intended to be a confirmation of everything discussed with the client—it assumes the architect will forward a draft of the agreement as an attachment to the letter.

The subsequent guide letters deal with the situation where an engagement is proceeding but the formal agreement has not been signed and returned by the client, and confirming that the client does not agree to the engagement of a cost consultant.