Pre-2018 ABIC contracts

The Australian Building Industry Contracts (ABIC) are jointly published by Master Builders Australia Limited (Master Builders) and the Australian Institute of Architects (Institute). They are intended for use in building projects where an architect administers the contract. The 2018 revised editions of the ABIC Major Works (MW) and Simple Works (SW) commercial and domestic documents, along with the MW H and SW H documents for domestic projects, are now available under the relevant state and territory pages. For a revised edition of the ABIC Basic Works (commercial) contract refer to ABIC Basic Works BW 2018.


ABIC 2008 MW and SW versions withdrawn from sale and use
Effective September 2019: The ABIC 2008 versions of MW and SW are no longer published and have been withdrawn from sale and use. They have been replaced with the 2018 revisions of MW and SW, which were released in April 2018. The ABIC co-authors no longer give copyright permission for anyone to use the 2008 versions (and 2011 versions in Queensland) of the ABIC MW and SW contracts, subcontracts, User Guides, the associated ABIC supporting documentation, nor the related Acumen guidance (the ABIC 2008 Materials). The ABIC co-authors do not give anyone permission to use, adapt, modify, reproduce nor communicate the ABIC 2008 Materials, unless permission is given under an express licence. Any such use is a breach of copyright and at a user’s own risk. The Institute no longer provides customer support or guidance about the ABIC 2008 Materials and we encourage all users to purchase and use the 2018 contracts and related supporting documents.