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Published: 17 December 2018

Building design and the selection of materials, appliances, equipment and technologies can all contribute to the minimisation of both operational and ...


Strategies and resources for material selection

Published: 31 May 2007

This note follows on from the note: The environmental impact of building materials. It outlines Australian and international responses to materials ...

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Life cycle assessment (LCA)

Published: 17 December 2018

Also known as life cycle analysis; LCA is an objective technique for assessing the potential impacts associated with a product or process by ...


Land use

Published: 17 December 2018

Strategies for optimising the use of land with respect to social, economic and environmental criteria. Includes consideration of urban form: the ...


Phase change materials – overview

Published: 31 August 2006

This paper introduces phase change materials (PCMs) as an alternative energy storage methodology to current latent heat exchange systems commonly ...

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The integrated design process of Council House 2

Published: 28 February 2005

Council House 2 (CH2) is a sustainable office building designed for the City of Melbourne. It meets the Council’s long-term need to house staff and ...

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Social sustainability is about ensuring the sustenance of the diverse social relations that exist in healthy communities. Creating the physical, ...

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Clovelly house, East Sydney, New South Wales

Published: 31 August 2006

Sydney is not short of terraces and semis that have been completely reworked with a modernist treatment. They are filled with light, planned for ...

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Low-energy hot water systems

Published: 31 December 2015

Water heating accounts for around a quarter of household energy use in Australia. Low-energy water heating systems can reduce energy used for heating ...

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Newcastle CSIRO Energy Centre

Published: 28 February 2007

The CSIRO's Energy Centre at Newcastle has many innovative energy saving and renewable energy generation systems.  The Centre explores new methods of ...

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