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Development in Australian bushfire prone areas

Published: 17 October 2019

Bushfire has long been a part of Australian landscape ecology and mythology, but climate change is now driving an increase in fire emergencies and a ...

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This guide addresses visual resource, siting and design issues associated with wind farm development. This is an introductory overview of the key ...

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Erosion and sediment control

Published: 28 February 2003

The principles of erosion and sediment control are said to be at the cutting edge of common sense.  These principles have been around for decades, ...

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Land resource assessment

Published: 28 February 2006

The note describes a new procedure for Land Resource Assessment (LRA).  It uses Multi-Criteria Evaluation methods (MCE) in a Geographic Systems (GIS) ...

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Towards sustainable urbanism

Published: 30 November 2005

'Sustainable Urbanism' encompasses Australian urban design and transportation practices that seek to create vibrant, liveable communities.  This ...

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This paper reviews the major North American and Australian sustainability rating tools to determine how they measure building energy performance. It ...

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Social sustainability is about ensuring the sustenance of the diverse social relations that exist in healthy communities. Creating the physical, ...

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Biophilic design: an introduction for designers

Published: 31 July 2018

This note highlights some of the fundamental concepts that underpin biophilic design and introduces designers to some basic principles and tools that ...

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Built environments are an incarnation of our mental landscapes.  In Western culture we have an unhealthy and unsustainable approach to our inner ...

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Protecting against solar UVR

Published: 30 September 2005

This note, originally published in November 2000, was reviewed by John Greenwood in September 2005. This paper examines the issue of solar ...

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