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This document has been prepared as a guide to assist architects to be familiar with, and comply with the model WHS Act and the WHS Regulations made ...


Consent to infringement of moral rights

Published: 7 August 2018

The consent given by an author should be in writing. The consent cannot be general or a broad ‘waiver’; it must specify the actions or omissions or ...


Security of payment - Victoria

Published: 10 July 2012

The Security of Payment Act applies to almost all contracts for construction work in Victoria except 'one off houses' where the owner for the ...


Business models

Published: 23 October 2015

The corporate structure you choose for your practice is an important decision that will have significant implications for the way in which you manage ...


Conduct toward other architects

Published: 27 July 2017

There are times when architects and architectural firms come together to collaborate or form joint ventures. There are also times when the paths of ...


Pro bono work

Published: 25 November 2015

Architects may provide pro bono services to a range of groups including community groups such as preschools or the scouts, through membership of ...


The Australian Institute of Architects' Code of Conduct

Published: 16 February 2017

All members of the Institute are governed by the Articles of Association, Regulations and the Code of Conduct. Read more about the Institute's ...

In May 2015, new regulations under the Victorian Architects Act introduced a mandatory ‘Architects Code of Professional Conduct’ (the Vic Code) for ...


Low fees - implication for practices

Published: 28 October 2015

Reducing architectural fees substantially may have severe detrimental consequences to an architectural practice and its ongoing viability.  Page ...


Low fees - implications for the building industry

Published: 26 October 2015

As part of a program of construction industry research, CSIRO published a study in 2000 (1) that explored the factors affecting the quality of design ...


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