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Lighting at the Australian Greenhouse Offices, Canberra

Published: 31 August 2004

The Australian Greenhouse Offices in Canberra aimed to set new environmental standards, by halving the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of a ...

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Daylighting of buildings

Published: 30 August 2000 | Edited: 31 August 2004

This note, DES 6, originally published in August 2000, was revised and rewritten by Nancy Ruck in August 2001. The information herein is considered ...

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Proponents of energy efficiency and sustainability in the built environment have always understood the importance of the facade as a key element for ...

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In 2003 a demonstration home was constructed by a local authority in Perth to raise public awareness of practical ways to reduce the energy needs for ...

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This paper and its companion paper summarise reports published by the consulting firm GHD in 2003 and 2009 and in particular summarises final results ...

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Published: 17 December 2018

Exploring how sustainable design has been implemented in new and retrofitted commercial case studies including retail, mixed-use, office and ...


Residential passive design for temperate climates

Published: 28 February 1997 | Edited: 28 February 2011

The primary intention of passive design is to create a thermally comfortable building with reduced demand on mechanical (active) forms of heating, ...

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George Street apartments, Fitzroy

Published: 31 May 2005

The 811 square metre site had been owned by the Mathews family since the early 1970’s, and was used as a car park by nearby businesses up until ...

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The Armstrong-Mobbs house

Published: 30 September 2011

The Armstrong-Mobbs sustainable house is a celebrated case study of sustainable refurbishment of an inner-city terrace house. The owners, Michael ...

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This case study looks at the passive heating design principles adopted in a Tasmanian House, discusses the designers consideration of the interplay ...

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