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Revisiting energy efficiency in commercial buildings

Published: 28 February 2003

The previous version of this note (Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings by Deo Prasad May 1995) emphasised the need for including fundamental ...

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The residential sector has been identified as one of the most prospective for significant cost-effective reductions in energy use. Multiple possible ...

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Published: 17 December 2018

Design strategies that may include natural, mechanical and mixed-mode forms of ventilation and/or passive cooling measures to meet thermal comfort, ...


The legal right to solar access

Published: 31 July 2011

The extent to which the law recognises and protects the right of solar access to solar collectors will determine in a large measure the extent to ...

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Circulating fans are defined as a class of axial propeller fans, generally without an enclosing housing, and used for circulating air in a space. The ...

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Co-housing – an introduction to a residential alternative

Published: 29 February 2008

Co-housing emerged in Denmark and the Netherlands almost 40 years ago as a housing type that aimed to create neighbourhood communities that did not ...

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Emerging technologies in ventilation

Published: 30 November 2003

Innovation in ventilation systems is becoming an increasingly popular and targeted topic of architectural discourse. Architects, consultants and ...

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Climate change adaptation for building designers

Published: 28 February 2011

Adapting building designs for climate change is about managing the unavoidable. While there is debate around what level of adaptation is needed, ...

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Biophilic design: an introduction for designers

Published: 31 July 2018

This note highlights some of the fundamental concepts that underpin biophilic design and introduces designers to some basic principles and tools that ...

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This paper explores the evidence that another factor to be considered in Sick Building Syndrome and Indoor Environment Quality is exposure to ...

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