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The legal right to solar access

Published: 23 August 2019

Put simply, solar access is the availability of sunlight to a property. For architects, the need to consider solar access in the overall design of a ...

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Circulating fans are defined as a class of axial propeller fans, generally without an enclosing housing, and used for circulating air in a space. The ...

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Natural ventilation in passive design

Published: 31 May 1996 | Edited: 31 August 2014

This note provides a background introduction to the lost art of designing for natural ventilation, and discusses some of the more useful rules of ...

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Adaptive comfort: passive design for active occupants

Published: 30 September 2011

The adaptive model of thermal comfort shifts attention from engineered comfort solutions to architectural ones. As the concept of adaptive comfort ...

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Good indoor environment quality (IEQ) can have a positive impact on the health, wellbeing and productivity of occupants in office buildings.

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After 30 years of research into the health effects of indoor environment on occupants, there is now extensive research and assessment of the effects ...

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Wood products are a staple of the construction sector, and are important in delivering environmentally preferable projects. However the ...

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Ecological waste: rethinking the nature of waste

Published: 31 December 2007

The design and construction fields have a central role to play in moving toward a 'zero waste' economy. Total resource consumption, both upstream and ...

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Development in Australian bushfire prone areas

Published: 17 October 2019

Bushfire has long been a part of Australian landscape ecology and mythology, but climate change is now driving an increase in fire emergencies and a ...

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This guide addresses visual resource, siting and design issues associated with wind farm development. This is an introductory overview of the key ...

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