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Liability for manufactured products

Published: 1 December 2011 | Edited: 29 April 2020

By far the greater part of modern buildings is made up of manufactured products, eg bricks, steel, paint, sanitary fittings, particle board, ...



Published: 17 January 2012 | Edited: 24 August 2020

At the inception of a project the architect must begin by accepting the commission and then prepare a client and architect agreement and the ...



Published: 6 December 2011 | Edited: 18 May 2022

Read time: 7 minutes Inspection is an area of architects' work that can give rise to a significant number of claims for professional negligence. It ...


Termination rights and insolvency events

Published: 22 August 2018

Changes to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corps Act), effective 1 July 2018, may affect the right of an owner to suspend or terminate a contract ...


Charge-out rate

Published: 20 April 2012 | Edited: 25 November 2021

Read time: 2 minutes When providing a service on the basis of hours worked, it is necessary to establish a charge-out rate which reflects the total ...


Client and architect relationship

Published: 23 January 2019

Read time: 13 minutes This note is primarily directed to the issues faced in one-off residential projects; however, the guidance can apply to all ...


Indoor air quality (IAQ)

Published: 26 June 2014 | Edited: 25 May 2020

'Indoor air quality can be defined as the totality of attributes of indoor air that affect a person’s health and well being' (Department of ...


Project records

Published: 4 August 2016 | Edited: 25 November 2019

Written records are essential to ensure that a client's requirements have been noted and to defend legal claims for professional negligence. They ...


Negotiated contracts

Published: 5 August 2015 | Edited: 3 August 2020

Tender by negotiation is a process whereby the architect, on behalf of the client, negotiates a price with a preferred contractor rather than calling ...


Time records

Published: 27 January 2012

In order to calculate project costs, staff costs and charge-out rates, accurate knowledge is required of the way in which time is spent by staff ( ...


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