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Managing professional indemnity claims

Published: 15 November 2016 | Edited: 15 November 2019

Professional indemnity (PI) policies direct the insured not to admit or compromise a claim without the written consent of the insurer. Normally when ...

This note deals with the methods and tools for assessing the environmental performance of a building design in the early design phase of a building ...

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Visual emergency warning systems

Published: 25 November 2014

This advice provides an overview of the issue and provision of emergency warning for people who are deaf or have a hearing impairment. Visual ...


Negotiation and dispute resolution

Published: 13 December 2013

Mediation and arbitration are two dispute-resolution processes in the negotiation of complex matters. Mediation is a confidential process where an ...


Cloud computing

Published: 7 May 2018

Investment in technology solutions to improve project delivery, operational stability and business confidence is now essential for many architectural ...


GST - changes to administration

Published: 20 August 2012

Businesses need to ensure that legislative changes and taxation rulings by the Australian Taxation Office are reflected in how they administer their ...


Duty to correct and warn

Published: 15 November 2016

This duty of the architect to exercise due care, skill and diligence may extend not only to the architect's client, but also to a person who, after a ...


Working with or as a builder-developer

Published: 7 December 2011 | Edited: 27 April 2017

The responsibilities and risks in working with a builder-developer may be quite different to the architect's traditional responsibilities. When an ...


ABIC Early Works Contract EW-1 2003

Published: 13 August 2018

The Australian Building Industry Contracts (ABIC) are jointly published by Master Builders Australia Limited (Master Builders) and the Australian ...


Partners agreements

Published: 23 October 2015

When establishing a practice with two or more partners it is appropriate to develop an agreement between the partners setting out the details of how ...


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