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40 Albert Road, a refurbished 1980s building, was the first building in Australia to achieve a 6-Star Green Star rating and 5 Star NABERS water ...

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Living walls – a way to green the built environment

Published: 31 August 2008

Green or living walls is an emerging technology that integrates vegetation into the built environment.  This paper looks at the benefits that living ...

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Measuring site biodiversity for sustainable development

Published: 31 May 2004

Biodiversity, the variety of life on earth, is required for the health of the natural environment and the continuation of the human species.  Though ...

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Architecture, planning and food

Published: 31 July 2012

While architects and planners don’t seek to disadvantage communities, the incremental impacts of the way towns and cities are designed is having ...

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This guide addresses visual resource, siting and design issues associated with wind farm development. This is an introductory overview of the key ...

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Bushfires and building – an introduction

Published: 31 May 2003

Bushfires have long been an integral part of the Australian landscape ecology, with a unique symbiosis between plants, soils and fire. Whilst the ...

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Contaminated land

Published: 31 May 2000 | Edited: 30 June 2009

This note, GEN 32, originally published in May 2000, was reviewed by John Gelder in June 2005. This paper is now considered out of date and will be ...

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Land resource assessment

Published: 28 February 2006

The note describes a new procedure for Land Resource Assessment (LRA).  It uses Multi-Criteria Evaluation methods (MCE) in a Geographic Systems (GIS) ...

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Lend Lease is the largest developer of urban communities in Australia, operating in nine major population centres, with over twenty projects ranging ...

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Permaculture - Part A - Introduction and urban farming

Published: 31 August 1996 | Edited: 28 February 2010

This paper is the first of a two part paper intended to introduce the concept of permaculture and urban farming to built environment professionals.

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