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Office fit-out projects

Published: 29 November 2011 | Edited: 26 May 2022

Read time: 8 minutes The fitting out of a tenancy within a commercial building occupied by a number of different tenants has the potential for ...


Designing for building health

Published: 29 November 2011 | Edited: 14 January 2020

It is becoming increasingly well understood that there is a widespread problem with building health issues in our modern built environment. Sealed, ...


Partial services - agreements

Published: 8 November 2011 | Edited: 7 February 2020

(Previously known as Agreements that do not include full architectural services) It is essential that adequate and appropriate fees are negotiated ...


Architects engaged as secondary or subconsultants

Published: 8 November 2011 | Edited: 7 February 2020

On complex and large projects, architects are often engaged as a secondary or subconsultant. For example on major civil or landscape projects with a ...


Measurement of buildings

Published: 24 November 2011 | Edited: 23 November 2020

The building industry – including quantity surveyors, building owners and planning authorities – uses a variety of methods for measuring building ...


Electronic data transfer - third-party agreement

Published: 24 November 2011 | Edited: 29 September 2020

The third-party agreement should address the architect and any other person receiving the documents, including specialist consultants, the contractor ...


Condensation in Buildings Handbook

Published: 6 August 2019 | Edited: 25 January 2023

Read time: 1 minute This non-mandatory handbook produced by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) was updated in 2023 due to new condensation ...



Published: 17 January 2017 | Edited: 22 July 2020

Under most standard-form building contracts the contractor receives regular payment for the work as it progresses. Progress certificates are issued ...



Published: 6 December 2011 | Edited: 8 April 2020

Read time: 4 minutes During construction the contractor may propose substituting materials and products specified in the contract documents. The ...


Practical completion

Published: 6 December 2011 | Edited: 3 February 2022

Read time: 2 minutes Practical completion typically refers to the stage of a construction contract when the works are determined to be fit for use ...


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