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Records disposal

Published: 4 August 2016

Unlike financial records for taxation and company purposes which can be destroyed after seven years, project records should only be destroyed when ...


Delays in the supply of materials

Published: 25 November 2011

Delays in the supply of some parts or materials for building projects can cause delays to the building program with the result that completion of the ...


Program as a contract document

Published: 24 November 2011

Contract documentation is a statement of responsibilities and results to be achieved. It wholly describes the outcome. A program, on the other hand, ...


Agreements for office and retail tenancy work

Published: 18 February 2016

Many building projects involve work for tenants, and there is a wide range of variables affecting the architect's approach to each individual tenancy ...


Client and architect agreements

Published: 6 November 2017

The Institute recommends that the architect and the client have a signed, written agreement that, as a minimum, clearly defines the services to be ...


Client-generated agreements

Published: 22 November 2011

It is not unusual for a client organisation, particularly one responsible for a large building program, to produce a special set of conditions of ...

The Institute's publication, Guiding Principles for Balanced and Insurable Client/Architect Agreements  was first published in 2005 and is intended ...


Brief - contents

Published: 10 October 2017

Often the first action undertaken by the architect is the preparation of the project brief. The success of a project will often depend on the quality ...


Contractual liability

Published: 12 January 2012

An enforceable contract between two parties contains both rights and obligations. A knowledge of the fundamental elements of a contract, which is ...


New Homes (HIA) Special Conditions

Published: 24 August 2018

These Special Conditions have been prepared for use where: the Bank or financier imposes on the parties a Housing Industry Association HIA Victorian ...


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