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Building contract - execution

Published: 31 August 2015 | Edited: 25 July 2018

Once the contractor has been selected the architect must prepare the contract for execution (signing). The owner and the contractor should sign the ...


New Homes (HIA) Special Conditions

Published: 24 August 2018

These Special Conditions have been prepared for use where: the Bank or financier imposes on the parties a Housing Industry Association HIA Victorian ...



Published: 25 November 2011 | Edited: 2 July 2020

Pre-design comprises the research and information-gathering phase of the concept design stage. In this phase, obtain the client's brief; arrange, ...



Published: 6 December 2011

Inspection is an area of architects' work that can give rise to a significant number of claims for professional negligence. It is therefore extremely ...


Trade package documentation

Published: 27 August 2012

Architects are regularly required to provide documentation in trade package form. Conventional documentation provides a single complete documentation ...


Working with or as a builder-developer

Published: 7 December 2011 | Edited: 27 April 2017

The responsibilities and risks in working with a builder-developer may be quite different to the architect's traditional responsibilities. When an ...


Procurement - alternative methods

Published: 7 December 2011 | Edited: 2 June 2020

On occasions architects will become involved in projects that will be delivered by non-traditional methods of procurement each with its own risks and ...


Project alliancing

Published: 28 August 2012

Project alliancing has evolved from partnering, and is sometimes called strategic partnering. The main difference between 'alliancing' and ' ...


Project time management

Published: 4 August 2016

The management of time throughout the design and construction process is a core aspect of an architectural service. The techniques for managing time ...


Specialist consultants - employing

Published: 18 January 2012

In the early stages of the project (often as part of the architect's initial proposal to the prospective client), the architect should determine: ...


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