Client Architect Agreement for Limited Services (CAALS2019)

The CAALS2019 is not a substitute or direct alternative to the CAA2019. The CAALS2019 should only be used for limited engagements with a low value and low complexity. For all other engagements, or if in doubt which of the two agreement forms to use, we strongly recommend you use the more comprehensive Client Architect Agreement 2019 (CAA2019). If you are unsure which agreement form is appropriate for your particular engagement, you should seek legal advice.

Alongside the 2019 Client Architect Agreement (CAA2019) the Institute also publishes the 2019 Client Architect Agreement for Limited Services (CAALS2019). This agreement can be used for limited services and projects of small size and low complexity or unique engagements that don’t require full architectural services.

The digital version of both the full and limited services CAA2019 is now available to all Institute members, with access to Acumen, as a membership benefit. Hardcopy versions of the CAA2019 and CAALS2019 can be purchased through our Online store.

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