The Erskine Building, Canterbury University, Christchurch – a case study of building performance

The Erskine BuildingThis note was reviewed in September 2018 and retained for legacy.

George Baird, author of Sustainable Buildings in Practice – What the Users Think, presents a post-occupancy evaluation of Canterbury University’s Erskine Building. Although it has been 12 years since the building was completed, the Erskine Building remains a noteworthy example of sustainable design and has achieved a high user performance rating. Baird’s case study identifies lessons that can be applied to contemporary projects, including the use of user manuals to ensure optimal building performance.

note summary
  1. Project outline
  2. Background
  3. Design process
  4. Building design
  5. Services
  6. Energy and thermal performance
  7. Occupant perceptions
  8. Conclusion