Lend Lease's approach to addressing sustainability in new Greenfields urban communities

Lend Lease is the largest developer of urban communities in Australia, operating in nine major population centres, with over twenty projects ranging from large-scale master planned communities in the outer suburbs to high-rise mixed use projects in the inner city. This note contains details of environmental sustainability initiatives being undertaken at current Lend Lease projects, and looks at the scope for achieving further significant improvements in performance at prospective projects now in the investigation and planning phase. It also identifies some key themes for metropolitan planning and development in Australia, to promote better sustainability outcomes.

note summary
  1. About Lend Lease
  2. What is sustainability in an urban development context?
  3. Drivers for sustainability
  4. Key issues for Lend Lease
  5. Key sustainability issues
  6. Directions for the future
  7. Key themes for metropolitan planning and development