Vegetation and habitat conservation – a strategic framework

This note outlines a framework to appraise the extent and quality of native vegetation, and identify significant habitats at strategic regional and local levels, namely a Vegetation and Habitat Strategic Framework. The cornerstone of the framework is the formulation of a 'Regional Habitat Significance Model' which is built through the integration of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and a geographic information system (GIS). The GIS platform enables the ongoing improvement and input of relevant information and the preparation of a new assessment in an adaptive, cyclical planning process.

State and local governments, regional organisations, land use and environmental planners, landscape architects and other stakeholders can use the framework and its model as an important strategic planning tool. Significant areas of habitat can be initially identified through the framework. Planning and investment strategies can then be put into place to conduct target investigations and/or preserve habitats and enhance the environment.

note summary
  1. Introduction
  2. Ecologically sustainable development
  3. Vegetation and habitat strategic framework
  4. Priorities for further investigation
  5. Caveats in relation to the framework/model
  6. Other relevant methods
  7. Conclusion