Properties and rating systems for glazings, windows and skylights (including atria)

International research and product development has resulted from partnerships between the research community and the world's leading glass, window and skylight companies.  This has led to many new options in the design of windows, skylights and glazing systems.  Collectively, these building elements are often referred to as fenestration.  This note examines fenestration options in terms of rated performance, thermal comfort, aesthetics, daylight, energy performance and cost.

note summary
  1. Introduction
  2. Two sides of fenestration: view and daylighting
  3. heating, cooling and lighting
  4. Solar vs visible properties of glazing materials
  5. Daylighting with skylights and atria
  6. Sunspaces and attached conservatories
  7. The sky as a source of light
  8. Distributing daylight with skylights
  9. Local sky conditions
  10. Fenestration rating schemes
  11. Skylight maintenance and long-term performance
  12. Life-cycle considerations