Bay Pavilions Arts + Aquatic

Bay Pavilions Arts + Aquatic Theatre Forecourt by NBRS and Donovan Payne Architects. Traditional land owners: Walbunga People of the Yuin Nation. (Image: Alexander Mayes Photography)

Read time: 18 minutes

Bay Pavilions Arts + Aquatic presents an innovative approach towards creating a community hub that holistically caters to a small regional community’s needs. The inclusive and multi-faceted nature of the facility enables a large proportion of the local community to make use of the building and benefit from the varied programs offered, with the aim of facilitating a more resilient and vibrant community. The project is much more than just an aquatic centre, or an arts centre. It provides a dynamic new community meeting place, with opportunities for broader engagement in fitness, recreation, the arts as well as general community life.

This case study is part of a new series that explores sustainable design in practice, responding to the themes of Integration, Community, Country, Water, Economy, Energy, Wellbeing, Resources, Change and Discovery.

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