Erosion and sediment control

The principles of erosion and sediment control are said to be at the cutting edge of common sense.  These principles have been around for decades, but in many areas current practices fall well short of the proper application of these common sense principles.  This EDG note does not represent a guideline on erosion and sediment control, rather a discussion on the philosophy of erosion and sediment control and the deficiencies of a number of practices currently being used.

note summary
  1. Introduction
  2. Purpose of erosion and sediment control
  3. Principles of erosion and sediment control
  4. Designing to minimise soil erosion and sedimentation problems
  5. Drainage control
  6. Erosion control
  7. Sediment control
  8. Sediment control on larger construction
  9. Revegetation and land stabilisation
  10. Post-building controls
  11. Industry regulation
  12. Conclusion