Lighting at the Australian Greenhouse Offices, Canberra

The Australian Greenhouse Offices in Canberra aimed to set new environmental standards, by halving the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of a standard building, achieving a better than 5-Star rating when assessed against the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating (ABGR) scheme, achieving autonomy in water use (ie generally, no town water required, providing a solar hot water system that is predicted to completely satisfy the hot water load), reducing construction waste and reducing operational waste. A key element in achieving these goals was to develop a building with high levels of usable daylight, and a very energy efficient electric lighting scheme that is also capable of responding to varying levels of daylight.

This Note details the daylight and lighting strategies used in designing this building, and then provides details of a post-occupancy daylight analysis.

note summary
  1. Introduction
  2. Project details
  3. Brief
  4. NABERS Rating
  5. Process to maximise ESD effectiveness
  6. Existing conditions
  7. Architects design approach
  8. ESD consultant's daylight approach
  9. Skylights
  10. Courtyards
  11. Light shelves
  12. Daylight measurements
  13. Electric lighting
  14. Lighting controls
  15. Building management systems
  16. Challenges
  17. Conclusion