Condensation in Buildings Handbook

The NCC 2022 was published on 1 October 2022, via NCC online, and is now in force. States and territories adopted the NCC 2022 on 1 May 2023. Transition arrangements apply for some requirements, see here for more information.

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This non-mandatory handbook produced by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) was updated in 2023 due to new condensation management provisions introduced in the National Construction Code (NCC). The handbook is intended to assist architects, designers and builders in understanding the condensation requirements and provisions of Volumes One and Two of the NCC. 

The handbook introduces the concept of condensation, its causes and consequences if left unchecked. It expands on the regulatory requirements of the NCC with non-mandatory guidance for designers, builders and occupants on other potential strategies to consider.

Download a copy of the Condensation in Buildings Handbook.

The handbook should be read in conjunction with your relevant state or territory building legislation.

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