Chilled ceilings and beams

Alternative low energy air-conditioning solutions are now being commonly used in preference to more traditional air-conditioning solutions for commercial applications. In recent years we have seen an emergence of the application of chilled ceiling technologies in Australia with several buildings now in operation and under construction.

Chilled ceilings are essentially elements located within the ceiling that use chilled water to provide localised cooling via convection and radiant heat transfer to the space.

Chilled ceilings are widely accepted in Europe and the United Kingdom and offer superior energy efficiencies and indoor air quality. This note introduces chilled ceilings and provides an overview of its applications, benefits and system types.

note summary
  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. What are chilled ceilings?
  4. Chilled ceilings types
  5. What benefits do chilled ceilings and beams provide?
  6. System cost
  7. Design considerations
  8. Case study 1
  9. Case study 2