Contract administration

Contract administration refers to the task or function of ensuring that a construction contract (the contract between the client and the contractor) is executed in accordance with the terms of the contract. The contract administrator may be a representative of either party or may be a third party, depending on the terms.

The duties of the contract administrator flow from both the construction contract and the contract between the architect and the owner. Contract administration may include the tender stage and the post-construction stage.

During contract administration, the architect observes conformity to the building contract documents as well as the quality of the outcome. Contractual obligations include periodic site visits, responding to Requests for Information (RFI)s, issuing Architects Instructions, assessing progress claims and issuing progress certificates, contract price adjustments and assessing claims for adjustments of time. Refer to the Institute’s 2019 Client Architect Agreement (CAA2019) for a comprehensive list of services likely to be provided at this stage.